I think Bob knew that Meridian could no longer compete with the competition and needed to find a new thing to play with, MQA.

Meridian could have worked with others to create some products at kenner prices, I mentioned this a couple of years ago.

A high end Meridian/Sonos/Roon bit of hardware would get the M name out there with some serious upgrade possibilities and with it some serious sales for Meridian.

MQA killed Meridian as far as I'm concerned.
Bob shouted so loudly about the virtues of MQA and by doing so killed off loads of Meridian customers who saw no upgrade path with Meridian to get this fabulous new format into their home.

The way I tested out MQA was with an Roon - Explorer 2 - Quad 405-2 - Quad Z4 speakers.
Problem was, although I was not over impressed with MQA, I was seriously impressed with the set up and preferred it to my MS600 and DSP5200s.

It was that moment I realised that for me, my Meridian journey was over.
I actually found it pretty tough to let go, I had after all been running Meridian gear for nearly 25 years. There had been times I had moved away, but not for long.

If I am honest I still think the DSP speakers are amazing, especially for low level listening, but I feel buying into them now you are buying something that feels like it has been left behind.

No Darling, I've had it months!