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There had not been that much released over the last few weeks, until yesterday. But always check the CSV file in post 1 on the thread as that will get updated when ever any albums are found.
I realized recently that it is straightforward to replicate the information about new MQA releases that was being posted by manipulating the CSV file (that is being regularly updated) within Excel.

* Open the file in Excel
* Click on the first cell in column "A" that shows an "Added to List" date
* Click on "Sort & Filter" (that on my screen is an icon at the far right of the Excel banner next to "Find & Seek"
* Pick "Sort Newest to Oldest"

The table will be sorted with the newest releases at the top.

EDIT I also just noticed that this tip is noted in the CSV file on line 14. Guess I'm just slow on the uptake!

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