The Gibbs Transient Optimised filter was developed by iFi according to our specifications in conjunction with the MQA team.

We must make clear that GTO is not directly related to filter types used by MQA, it is not “MQA through the backdoor”, but instead what we feel is the optimum solution for the playback of digital audio that has not undergone the MQA process.
We would like to thank MQA for their technical assistance in integrating this into our firmware.


Just now iFi/(AMR) rolled out their new minimum phase filter GTO (Gibbs Transient Optimised) filter as a firmware upgrade to their exisisting products. They are also kind enough to release a whitepaper of this ("groundbreaking") minimum phase filter.

I remember when Meridian rolled out their apodising filter to much acclaim years ago. Is it time to revisit this again? Can there be a better solution to all of this, yes we know a complete MQA chain does it's best to solve this. But for everything else not delivered in MQA would it be beneficial to optimise the "apodizing filter" again to v3.0?

PS. Admins, if you feel MQA forum or another place is more appropriate for this thread, please move it but please tell me where. laugh

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