Restaurant Etiquette
The Restaurant is not a discussion forum, so only interested buyers or sellers should post.

The Restaurant forums are interactive and as such we expect and welcome courteous exchanges to support the sale and purchase of Meridian and other related items.

Topics must be actively monitored, maintained and a 'closing' post added when items are sold, taken off the market or no longer required. Topics that are found unattended will be removed without notice. The Restaurant is not intended to be used as a post and forget classified free ads service. Recurrent transgressions will result in Restaurant restrictions being imposed.

It is recommended that the One and Only Feedback Thread is checked for any references to the person with whom you are dealing. Please consider adding your trading experience to that thread.

Forum Access and Management
Topics will typicaly not be visible after three months of inactivity.
What this means to you is that to maintain visibility you will have to check and update your thread on a regular basis.

Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Only private sellers may use this forum. If you sell 'flip' stuff on a regular basis, please use other outlets.
We don't mind if you're new but to prevent abuse there is a minimum post count of 10 * before the creation of new threads is allowed. However, discretionary access may be granted on request.

Hitchhikers - Non Meridian Equipment
Only private sellers may use this forum. If you sell 'flip' stuff on a regular basis, please use other outlets.
Only folk that are "Mostly Harmless" (post count = 42) or above (i.e. active contributing members) are allowed to create new threads. This is to prevent those creating an account for the sole purpose of selling non Meridian goods.

* Only posts in the Meridian discussion area qualify.

Hitchhikers - Service, Repair, Custom Leads & Interfaces
Added value services by HHkers for HHkers.
If you offer such a service, then create a post to advertise it and drop the mods a PM to make is 'sticky' (so it is always towards the top).

Meridian Dealers - Equipment and Independent Dealers - Equipment
If you are a Commercial Dealer we will grant you conditional access on request, however we expect in return that you also contribute to the discussion forum.
Please do not list equipment that directly competes with Meridian such as:
  • Surround Processors (unless compatible with the Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Post Processor)
  • CD Players (Blu-ray is fine)
  • Audio Streaming Devices
  • Digital Speakers
  • If in doubt please ask before posting

1) Please be sure to set your location in your profile* (this is a global site) do not put it in the title or the body of the post.

2) If you wish to list your email address; please add it to your forum profile* and not in your post.

* Your profile is user maintainable, whereas information once posted is locked in and can not be changed without moderator intervention.

3) If you are a Commercial Dealer; you may list your phone number in your signature box. For all others it is forbidden, you may of course convey it in a Private Message.

4) Price information, if any, should be in the body of the post not in the title. Both sellers and buyers are welcome to state a guide price.

5) An item should only be advertised once; having it in more than one topic leads to misunderstanding and also takes more effort to maintain. If you wish to relist you must first post in the original topic to close it.

6) Please be courteous and make your offers privately. No haggling in public.

7) The selling of products which are populated with music files is not allowed unless the original physical CDs accompany the store in the sale.

8) The moderators of are not here to arbitrate a dispute. We may help if we have the time, but don't plan on it or expect it. Please be sure about fees, exchanges rates and discuss what to do if something may end up costing more or less than planned. Like VAT, Customs, fees, Exchange rates etc. I like to use the term "In your or my Pocket". When all is said and done much how will be in someone's pocket.

9) Please prefix your thread's subject title accordingly, as highlighted in RED below (including the ': '):
  • FS: For Sale, can be for single or multiple items that you are selling.
  • IC: Interest Check, typically if you're not sure about selling but still want to gauge the market.
  • WTB: Wanted to Buy.
  • FOC: If you are feeling generous and wish offer something for Free of Charge to your fellow Hitchhikers (shipping costs excepted).
  • INFO: Information, typically about kit listed elsewhere, can also be used to ask cost related questions.
  • SCAM: Suspected Scam, typically about kit listed elsewhere.
10) And finally please use the following thread symbols for bringing attention to scams and bargains. Please do not use these symbols for regular for sale and wanted threads.
  • = a scam
  • = a bargain
Posts that do not conform will be removed or edited without notice.
If in any doubt please contact the moderators for advice before posting.