I signed up to the 50p/month Tidal trial to give it a go. Already have Spotify but this is a chance to try hi-res streaming and... MQA?

System is Tidal/QNAP server > Auralic Aries Mini > DSP5200.2 (latest firmware with some MQA capability apparently)

So far...

- I can play the MQA streams, and using MQA pass-through on the Aries they just show up as PCM, usually 24/44 or 24/48. I guess I'm missing an early stage in the MQA process... a process which I find slightly baffling.

- Without MQA pass through most files are apparently served from the Aries at 32/88 or 32/96, which the DSPs play quite happily, again showing PCM, and they might sound slightly better. The odd one is 32/192 which the DSPs don't play.

- Although I've only listened briefly the 'CD FLAC' versions from Tidal, they might sound a bit better than the MQA, despite a bit rate of only about half of the MQA files. And for streaming this sounds really, really good. But I realise I'm not actually listening to MQA properly of course...

So what do I need to actually decode MQA - a different streamer? Roon?

And is it worth it?

All input appreciated...