NOTE: I have researched this topic and have not found a firm recommendation, hence my post. If this has already been discussed please refer me to the thread.

Use-case: Migrating from an old Dune Player that can decode HD audio to one that cannot. I would still like to decode the DTS-MA, HD-MA tracks from NAS stored content.

Potential Solutions:
I have been able to unearth three options - 1. Oppo as a decoder, 2. Apple TV + an software player and 3. Preamp that can decode and pass PCM or LPCM via HDMI. I am particularly interested in 1 and 3.

1. NAS -> Dune -> Oppo -> HD621 -> Video to 4k TV + Audio to Meridian 861v6

3. NAS -> Dune -> Outlaw preamp 975 or 976 -> HD621 -> Video to 4k TV + Audio to Meridian 861v6

From what I have read online, it looks like Option-1 is being used by fellow HHikers and will work. As to option-3 I am unsure if this will work. My thinking on option-3 can be coupled with a 4k switcher (HDS-42AVR)can do the job and still use the HD621.


1. What problems do you see or have experienced?
2. With Option-1, I would think the scaler in the Oppo will be used and I would loose that with Option-3; Am I loosing a lot by implementing Option-3?
3. As always, I am not sure what am I missing?
4. I am eliminating Option-2, because, I need to solution to work w/o any issues. I need to keep the peace with the family as this is a living room solution and not a techie solution.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!!!

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