861v8 black non-rack mount, US voltage.
This was originally a version 6 that has been recently upgraded. It is still under warranty. Includes ID41 and is SpeakerLink output only.
Still has the plastic film on the front panel. Complete with all packaging and accessories. $7000.00 plus shipping.


System #1 Trinnov Altitude 32-8-16, 271, 808v6, DSP8000SEUG, DSP7200SEHC, Revel B112, Monitor Audio Silver 10, Paradigm 85F, ATI 200WX7 Amp, JVC RS15, Shunyata Triton V3, Sigma power cables, Black Diamond Zero Edge screen. QNAP TS-251 3TB, Roon Nucleus.

System #2 Mark Levinson No515, No5805, Revel F228be.