Hello Readers,

Since recently I am using the new Meridian 210 streamer in my setup.
I am wondering if anybody has experience with mconnect Player (paid version)
When using Tidal in the app album art is perfectly shown in browse lists and on track playback.
When using an external hard drive connected to the 210 the album art is only showing on the played track, but not in the browse lists.
When accessing music on the iPad album art is also shown on browse lists and on track playback.

Anybody been able to successfully solve this issue with external Hd's?

I am not sure if mconnect is at fault, or if related to 210 firmware not passing album art.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, experiences. If anybody has found a better UPNP client, also helpful, but according to previous posts here mconnect seems the best one.
Did not try with the iPad mconnect Player HD as this is again a paid version. I assume it just changes visuals from Portrait to Landscape mode, not more.

Thanks for any feedback.


568.1 Processor, 562v3 MController, 596 DVD Player, 504 Tuner, MC200, MS600, 218, 210, Roon