This is my first bit of Meridian kit from 1994. It had a drive replaced by Meridian in 2007 and that was replaced by Chris C in 2016 when the fault recurred. Sadly, it now refuses to play some CDs. It worked on the bench at Mr Tech Guy until I sent one of the CDs to replicate the fault. A new drive and replacing capacitors on the servo board didn't work. We can't find a Mk 1 servo board to replace so the quest to repair is at an end for me. Sad to see it go.

I'm offering it for sale with this intermittent fault to someone who wants it either to try to repair themselves or as spares.

This forum has been so helpful, I'm giving it first crack. If I get no takers here in a week or so, I'll eBay it.

Cheers, Mike

**After the GL101, it was a slippery slope to this. Retro? Moi?**
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