I picked this up last year during my travels along with some other M Speakers. Operation is fine, the cabinet is another story, as it is in pretty bad shape.

Available for parts or complete unit. Do not have original packaging.

PM Please.

$ystem 1: ATV4, HD621, 800v4, 861v4, DSP6K(24/96)LCR, DSP6K (18/48) Rear

$ystem 2: Control 10, 800D, 861v3, DSP5Kv2(24/96)LCR, DSP33 Rears 2xD2500(Thanks to Bruce & Mark)

$ystem 3: ATV4, 568.2MM, DSP5K(24/96)LCR

$ystem 4: ATV4, 568, 551, DSP5.5k(18/48)DSP5KC, P200Z Rears

$ystem 5: ATV4, 518, DBX VENU-360, Sunfire CG, Carver ALS