I used these directional cables to drive my DSP5500's and they are definitely far superior to any of the other digital cables I have used. These were the only cables that tamed my 5500's and brought out their best qualities. Their lengths are 5'4" and 21'.

I purchased them from a fellow Meridian user who (like me) upgraded his kit to SpeakerLink.

They are very nice looking cables in excellent condition (I also have the original Transparent boxes) I can supply pictures upon request. Since they are very heavy cables with large RCA connectors, I have 3D printed small shelves that can be easily attached to the rear of the speakers to support the connectors in order to relieve strain.

Asking $1200 plus shipping for all.

Mac Mini Roon Server w Uptone JS-2 LPS, 218, 2x 7200SE w AQ Vodka SL Cables, 2x JBL LSR4312SP Subs
2x 20amp dedicated AC power lines, Shunyata Python Helix cable to Shunyata Hydra 6, Synergistic Blk fuses, Ice Age AC Cables.
Optically Isolated Ethernet, Audeze LCD-2, iFI-iDSD Micro HPhone amp.