We are actually Meridian Dealers and have been for like a decade so I'm sure we will hopefully be picked up and moved into the relevant selling forum!!

We have had a client elect to return his system before installation was complete as his wife freaked when we unpacked the speakers!! Has left us facing restocking charges or trying to selling on at a discounted rate to recoup costs. There is only so much more Meridian gear that can keep popping up in my house before the wife begins asking questions so its got to be sold or sent back.

1 x pair DSP5200.2 in BLACK
1 x pair DSP3200 in BLACK
1 x pair DSP3200 stands
1 x G65
1 x UHD722

These have been unpacked, left standing for a weekend, and then repacked again into their original boxes. They were part of a larger installation so will have lost a couple months of their warranty.

They are currently in my office.

Obviously it is just this one set and if it doesn't take any interest I will have to send them back and suffer restocking charge with the powers that be, so a deal is definitely there to be had for the right person.

The guy also sent back his Loewe Bild 7.65 OLED if anyone wants to make an offer on that too lol!