We would like to extend a big thank you to all our friends here on the forum as we wrap up our 4th year as a Meridian dealer. This month we will be running specials on all of the products we represent. We have some very special pricing on 818v3's and a demo pair of black DSP5200SE's. Please check our website as it is refreshed often for any new products.

Also, if you happen to be travelling anywhere close to South Carolina, consider stopping in for a visit. We are the only place in the US where you can demo the Trinnov Altitude 32 8-16 with the 271 and a DSP800SE and DSP7200SEHC front end. It is truly impressive.

Again, thank you all for four excellent years.


Personal System #1 Trinnov Altitude 32-8-16, 818v3, DSP8000.2SE, DSP7200SEHC, Revel F228be, Revel B112, Monitor Audio Silver 10, ATI 200WX5 Amp, JVC RS15, Shunyata Denali 6000S, Alpha power cables, Black Diamond Zero Edge screen. QNAP TS-251 3TB
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