In celebration of our 4th Anniversary, we will have a special on some B stock 818v3's.

These started life as version 1 or 2 and have been upgraded to version 3 and are under warranty.

These are US voltage models and are the black non rack mount versions. Contact me for info on pricing and installation.

Personal System #1 Theta Digital Cassablanca 4, 218, DSP8000.2SE, DSP7200SEHC, Revel F228be, Revel B112, Monitor Audio Silver 10, ATI 200WX5 Amp, JVC RS15, Shunyata Denali 600S, Black Diamond Zero Edge screen. QNAP TS-251 3TB
Mark Levinson No515 Turntable

Crestron control and multi room audio via Meridian 258 amplifiers.