Hello and a few G61R questions.

Hi, I've been a long time reader of this forum but only just joined because finally I've achieved a long term aim of buying a Meridian Controller, the G61R which, apart from line level (tape) outputs, does everything I need. I've had an Ambisonic system since the 1980's (Minim AD7)so Meridian was the only upgrade option grin

I've got it all working and have almost mastered the Mconfig PC software. However I’m having issues saving configs . .

The strange thing is that if I reboot the G61R the new config has been saved and is working correctly, so I don't understand why the Mconfig software is always showing such errors. Yes, I've tried different USB cables and USB ports on my PC.

My other problem is the firmware version. The label on the box shows that it was sent from Meridian to Sevenoaks Hi-Fi on the 26th October 2012, yet the firmware version is as follows:

Why is it showing Version 1 when it was shipped from Meridian in 2012 when Version 1.07 was released in 2011? It doesn't make sense. The only logical explanation is that the Box isn't the original one, even though it's a genuine Meridian box? There's no markings or serial number on the box as to what item is inside it. However, a sticker was removed from the side of the box at some point.

Is there any way one can tell from the serial number when it was made and would Meridian have details of the history of this G61R (maybe it was sent back for service or repair?)and how could I find out?


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