Every once in a while, we see questions about running equipment with Euro voltages in the US, or the other way around.

I bought a pair of vintage Swallow Actives about a year ago frm the UK and they of course were fitted with 220v power supplies. I bought two transformers from World Import's web site to handle the conversion. I've just had the Swallows re-tapped for 110v so no longer need the two transformers.

2000 watts is plenty of headroom for a pair of DSPs but I bought one for each speaker just to be safe. They are now priced at $79 retail plus shipping (about 30 pounds) but I paid more a year ago.

I'll sell for $30 each plus shipping if anyone is looking for one or two of these.

I tried to post a picture in the Gallery but it (The Gallery?) might have been out of space!
So PM if you would like pictures.

Roon,Technics SL10 turntable, Oppo 205, 218 and Swallow Acoustics ALS2 active analog speakers