Every once in a while, we see questions about running equipment with Euro voltages in the US, or the other way around.

I bought a pair of vintage Swallow Actives about a year ago frm the UK and they of course were fitted with 220v power supplies. I bought two transformers from World Import's web site to handle the conversion. I've just had the Swallows re-tapped for 110v so no longer need the two transformers.

2000 watts is plenty of headroom for a pair of DSPs but I bought one for each speaker just to be safe. They are now priced at $79 retail plus shipping (about 30 pounds) but I paid more a year ago.

I'll sell for $30 each plus shipping if anyone is looking for one or two of these.

I tried to post a picture in the Gallery but it (The Gallery?) might have been out of space!
So PM if you would like pictures.

Roon,Technics SL10 turntable , 218 and Swallow Acoustics ALS2 actives