Saw this rather more comprehensive post from Robert Harley in relation to announcements at CES:

Astell&Kern Activo CT-10

Portable digital-audio player manufacturer Astell&Kern announced at the event that it will offer an MQA firmware upgrade for all its players. That’s right: If you own any model of A&K, the update will turn it into a full MQA decoder. The first model to get the update is the flagship SP1000, with other models to follow over the next few months. All new production will be MQA compatible. A&K also showed me a prototype of a very compact new player called the Activo CT10 that will sell for $299, and is already MQA compatible. The Activo CT-10 is the first player to incorporate a new digital module developed by A&K, called Teraton, that will find its way into a wide range of personal digital-audio players.

Fantastic to see this is to be rolled out across the entire range.



Zone 1: 861v8+ID41, 818V3, HD621, DSP7200SE, DSP5200SE
Zone 2: 818v3, DSP7000, Cavalli Liquid Gold, Hifiman HE-6
Zone 3: 818v3, Roon ROCK/NUCi7, Densen B-330, Monitor Audio PL 200