Hi all,

After carrying out a full FLAC export to belt and braces backup my music collection I am starting to use Foobar2000 to get a bit-perfect output to my Explorer2. I would love for Control:PC and TouchPC to be able to deliver this functionality but as it seems unlikely can anyone suggest a couple of skins that look and feel similar that are current and play nice with Windows 10?

Seems I may have been a little hasty on returning my Prime Amp / Power supply combo which I did so based on listening experiences through Control:PC - so if I can get Foobar2000 feeling right I might re-invest before they all disappear!


PS. Eagerly awaiting the release of a Prime style box fed from the Prime power supply with Sooloos MQA endpoint+USB out functionality for a beautifully crafted 3 box combo smile.

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