I've been using for a long time the vMSR app to control my Meridian gear.
Recently I've switched to IP Control having now a 218 in place.

However I've noticed some MSR commands do not work anymore to my 568.
Mainly the DSP (presets) button is not working and therefore also the related arrow keys, always refer to BASS/TREBLE... but not the DSP presets.

Sooloos control and sources work fine.

The Display button cycles not through the 4 modes, instead it's either on/off toggle.

Can anything be done about it to enable DSP?

My 568 is defined as the Controller.

Thanks for your help.

568.1 Processor, 562v3 MController, 596 DVD Player, 504 Tuner, Sooloos MC200, MS600, 218