For those that are not so familiar with using URL and/or IMG tags in posts, here is 'how to' guide...

URL Tags are used to improve the readability of posts that contain weblinks.

The easiest way to wrap a link within a URL tag is to use the 'Create a link to webpage' button the one with an icon of a 'globe + chain link' (it's the one between the smiley face and the envelope).

1) Start editing a post.
2) Switch to the browser page/tab where page whose URL (link) is displayed.
3) Copy this URL from your browser.
4) Switch back to the HH page to continue editing post.
5) Position the cursor where you want the URL tag to be inserted.
6) Click the 'Create a link to webpage' button.
7) Paste in the URL and click OK (or just press return on the keyboard).
8) Type a meaningful description [do not just past the URL in again] that represents the page and ties in with the rest of your post and then click OK.

You will then be returned back to your post and you will see the URL tag containing the link and description now inserted in your post.

Following the above steps will yield text like this being inserted:
... Checkout this great site
[url=http://www.meridianunplugged.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=cfrm]Meridian Unplugged Forums[/url] 
Which looks like this when previewed or published:
... Checkout this great site Meridian Unplugged Forums

As you can see it makes for a more elegant post that is easier to read esp. for those using small tablet devices.

Unfortunately pasting an image directly into a forum post will not work, the images must be hosted in the cloud ... either in this site’s Gallery section or an external image sharing site that supports direct URL access to the image file.

Forum Gallery
This area of the forum can be used to upload .jpg images.
There are guidance notes on how to use it on the first page in this section.

Once complete IMG Tag strings are generated by the Gallery for each image uploaded and can be copy/pasted directly into post to display the image. There is a choice of size: FULL, MEDIUM or THUMBNAIL.

1) Goto the required image post in the Restaurant.
2) Highlight the FULL image tag string. See image below ...
3) Copy the highlighted string to OS clipboard.
4) Goto the forum post, where the image is required.
5) Paste the copied string into the post.
6) Use the Preview Changes, to check the results.
7) Save the post.

Following the above steps will yield an IMG Tag similar to this:
Which looks like this when previewed or published:

External Image Sharing Sites
If the <image>.jpg file is hosted / located elsewhere then please use the add image icon to insert the IMG Tag, using the URL that references the image file.
Though some image storage sites also provided IMG tag strings.

Describing how to do all of this is a lot trickery that doing it, so please do give it go.
Use the 'I want to preview my message' button to check all looks well before you publish, and if you further assistance send me a PM.


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