210 Streamer Automation

Posted by: TheFlow77

210 Streamer Automation - 2019-10-12 12:15

Hi all,

I am trying to control a 210 streamer through my home automation (stuff like volume control and switch on/off). Looks the "Meridian Automation Interface" in only used for the 218, e.g. the 210 has no open port at 9014, but only a HTTP-Server at port 8080. I guess this is used for the communication between the 210 and the Control App by Meridian.

Is there any manual / document about the control interface of the 210? Or does anyone has any experience into including the 210 in any kind of automation / control environment?


Posted by: TheFlow77

Re: 210 Streamer Automation - 2019-10-13 18:54

After trying out a few things - here are some of my own findings in that matter:

210 Streamer is NOT controlled and accessible via IP / network. The Control App works ONLY via Bluetooth...

That means direct automation is not possible, I guess I need an additional 218 for this. There might be a way to control functions like volume also over IP, since you can control volume over Spotify connect or UPNP without Bluetooth. But I need to dig a little bit more to figure out how.

If you have any other findings / knowledge, let me know...

Posted by: Crion

Re: 210 Streamer Automation - 2019-10-14 08:15

Yes, IMHO Meridian should provide IP control support for the 210. It’s not a technical limitation of the platform. It has RAAT and UPnP, lots of IP functions already.

You can control 210 volume and on/off with Roon for example.