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Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 861.8 with HD621 for 5.1 (co-axial vs MMHR) by Albert @ 43 minutes 34 seconds ago

Make sure your 861 receives "MHR MOVIE6" signal from the HD621 you could check by press the display on the front plate of 861
Meridian - Systems
You could take the display out of one of the speakers and extend it out to where you can see it. Cheers, Jason.
MQA - Related technology, products and music
I may be biased by what I was seeing in Silicon Valley (something of a weird world onto itself) when I was living in San Jose.
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 818v3 vs. Trinnov Altitude 32 by Jedburgh @ Yesterday at 20:46

Thanks all for your replies. I chose to buy the 818v3, it’s absolutely astonishing. It’s clearly superior to anything else I have tried, then I may go for the Trinnov for surround...
Meridian - Streaming
Jump to new posts Re: QNAP software by Ratbert @ Yesterday at 16:49

There used to be two versions but they were amalgamated into one and you had the choice to run it as either Core and or Store, this is no longer available from Meridian and if you currently run it then their advice is not to upgrade the NAS or indeed
HiFi & HT Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Meridian dealers selling DSP on AudioGon by KTMsteve @ Yesterday at 15:18

That's what disturbs me also, with the current attention dsp based speakers are getting it seems deliberate meridian isn't mentioned.
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: G68D <--> DSP5000s Infrared conflict? by Hector @ Yesterday at 15:00

Meridian - Systems
Now there's a thing. I just got round to doing a job that's been on the list (funnily enough, for some reason I seem to be at home a lot more these days ) and that was to move the SSD and RAM from my good-but-has-a-fan Asus VivoPC which I had been t
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Firmware Release for 218, 251, 271, ID41 by Crion @ Yesterday at 12:48

Originally Posted By CrionMy IP Control App is now crashing on EVERY startup! This was after the update to v218 on 218 device and ID41 device.. I think the app need to be updated as well. Can someone Premium find out please? I tried on both my XS
Meridian - Streaming
Jump to new posts Re: Config by Linnasak @ Yesterday at 11:30

Hi, No lights as yet, but master came up on Taylor swift also. Guess not the full MQA experience, but at least I start with a higher bit rate etc. For me it’s a whilst roon is away experience as opposed to a replacement. Might be interesting to
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Meridian 568 upgrade to 568.2mm by BokitoNL @ Yesterday at 10:34

Hi George, Thanks for your message, I understand. I will contact MrTechGuy then again. I was hoping perhaps you can tell me if I can still use the HD621 with our current 568 to than just allow it to passthrough DD/DTS audio streams then? Can we sti
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Meridian G91A with defective disc drive by Andy123456 @ Yesterday at 10:24

Got mine from this seller it was sold as new but when i received the disk i had some serious about that but its working ok
HiFi & HT Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Re: Recommended Music by MI' @ 2020-03-28 21:33

Until it reaches the throat! Take care
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: WTB: MSR+ remote by Lord Polbrook @ 2020-03-28 17:24

PM sent.
Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: COVID discussion by Hector @ 2020-03-28 15:36

Yeah I’ve also been hit with the 2m rule and have the bruises to prove it. But nothing new, been isolated for years since buying into Meridian. Hector
Meridian - Streaming
Jump to new posts Re: Meridian 210 control app by Linnasak @ 2020-03-28 15:14

Rebooted and iPad found it and has kept it so far, so wonder if it’s my phone on the way out! Kevin
Jump to new posts Honey Ryder by ChrisLayerUK @ 2020-03-28 13:39

Pics from gig
Jump to new posts Tamara Stewart at LRB by ChrisLayerUK @ 2020-03-28 13:37

Pics from gig
Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Little Rabbit Barn 2020 by ChrisLayerUK @ 2020-03-28 13:35

Earlier in the year we had an intimate in house concert with the wonderful Tamara Stewart who performed songs old and new. Tamara Stewart Blessed Tamara Stewart Birds in Cages Unfortunately we cannot publish any of the new material at t
Meridian Dealers - Equipment
I am afraid I think that is me done for Meridian. I have been a customer since the 565/562 but the lack of support for current and future protocols other than MQA means it feels like the end of a line. I have sunk a lot of money into Meridian but I
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
I think OP means Display, On/Off, Open Regards
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: G61R SL, HD621, MS600. by spinaltap @ 2020-03-27 16:10

Exporting from the U.K. can be prohibitively expensive: my G95 cost £200 in shipping to Russia, for example (but the buyer was more than willing to pay it).
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: DSP5000 and test mode by MrTechGuy @ 2020-03-27 15:35

Hi Mauro Glad it is all working, we all need music and films in this time of isolations. If you need anything feel free to get in touch. Regards Edd
Meridian - Streaming
Jump to new posts Re: 210 in a Meridian 2-channel system by Ratbert @ 2020-03-27 11:59

Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: MS600 by Jazzmaniac1954 @ 2020-03-26 16:19

Now sold
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