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Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 24/96 specifications ? by Ian @ Today at 08:10

An upgraded speaker is electronically exactly the same as the standard DSP speakers, ie old cabinet/drivers, new electronics - the whole electronics are swapped out, including the back of speaker, which is why there are two serial numbers, one for ca
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 506 Error Codes by JamesBrennan4 @ Today at 01:07

I just upgraded the 506 firmware with a replacement EPROM from Meridian Legacy. Previous was 1.04. Upgrade is 1.12. The CD player now operates flawlessly. Upgrade eliminated occasional skipping. I also purchased an EPROM with 1.12 firmware for my 5
MQA - Related technology, products and music
Jump to new posts Re: Bob James by 3dit0r @ Today at 00:00

Thanks for the heads-up, there a little stocking present for me That’s more like it for an MQA CD price! Lots more of this, please!
Meridian - Streaming
Thanks for the workaround. It works, but kind of slow and glitchy. It's a bandaid for now, definitely cheaper than buying a PC. Crossover also doesn't support the latest Explorer 11, I only see Explorer 8 available for download.
Meridian - Streaming
Jump to new posts Re: Meridian 210 Streamer by Mr Meridian @ Yesterday at 21:01

Does anyone have any updates? Still not a squeak on M's website... Cheers George
Meridian - Streaming
Awesome! Shame on Meridian for abandoning the Mac users.
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: WTB: SpeakerLink L+R to SPDIF adaptor. by JobSeeker @ Yesterday at 15:41

I have a SpeakerLink to SPDIF + C5 Comms somewhere if I can find it. Don’t know about postage though.
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: HD621 - HTPC Windows Icons Missing by DuncanBudd @ Yesterday at 13:51

I ended up going back to previous TV and hdmi cable to test (which again worked fine) then back to HD621 and this time I brought the hdmi cable too. And now it works fine. I can't be bothered mucking around further now that it is all working but if y
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: IC; Meridian system by Derek Allen @ Yesterday at 11:37

What colour is the DSP5200HC?
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts FS: AC12 by Altus @ Yesterday at 08:39

From my decommissioned cinema system, mint condition and boxed, £195 + shipping
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 568.2mm says DSP 24.96 but I have 18.48 by Carl @ 2018-12-17 21:48

It’s a known fault when fetching the stored config. I tend to avoid fetch whenever possible and alway use the config file itself as the master. Regards Carl
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: DSP3200 humming, even with no input connected by SpocksBeard @ 2018-12-17 19:38

Just an update taking them into Meridian tomorrow (lucky I live just a few miles away). It seems it’s just one that is humming and it was not humming when unboxed and first plugged in. It only started humming maybe 4/5 days after setup. If they we
Hitchhikers - Service, Repair, Custom Leads & Interfaces
Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Meridian Blue Digital Coax Cables by Ogri @ 2018-12-17 17:31

PM sent.
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Meridian 500 Series system by Ian @ 2018-12-17 13:50

But I may be wrong that volume is only on tape out. My 562V didn't have a 517 and by time 562V2 came out and they integrated some of the features of 517 as standard, they left out variable volume. Tbh the analogue on 562V is not a patch on that achi
Jump to new posts Meridian 500 Series system by GregPatz @ 2018-12-17 00:35

Back of units
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: G01 SILVER FM by D4ve84 @ 2018-12-16 23:05

Now sold. Many thanks David
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: Control:15 by ZLodei @ 2018-12-16 17:22

Meridian - Streaming Hardware with Roon Application
Jump to new posts Re: Roon not showing on iPad by Danny77 @ 2018-12-16 16:34

I took the advice from Rathbert, I did not think of switching the Router off, but I’m sure this problem was caused by the Broadband provider changeover.
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: DSP5000 Replacement Drivers by Ruben @ 2018-12-16 15:56

Check with Bruce at CMB Integrations
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Setting up a 2 sub system - local help by dpstjp @ 2018-12-16 06:29

Chuck, I won't be over anytime soon but it may help to post a little more on what cards you have in your 861 and what subs you are proposing to use. Lots of folks will be happy to try and help remotely.
Meridian - Systems
If you must use iTunes you can convert the FLAC files to ALAC losslessly using XLD (for example). Just make sure you tell it not to change the bitrate or sample rate of the files.
HiFi & HT Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Recommended Music by Dubya @ 2018-12-15 13:21

JR. THOMAS & THE VOLCANOES, new release 2018 'ROCKSTONE' on Tidal. old school Rock- Steady.
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: INFO: Meridian 258 amplifier first impressions by CMB Integrations - Bruce @ 2018-12-15 10:04

I find the sound quality up and above that of the Niles and Russound multiroom amplifiers. Add in that it runs cool and you have an excellent combination.
HiFi & HT Chat
Jump to new posts Re: 4K Blu-ray Player by Gianni @ 2018-12-15 09:26

There are reported problems getting DD 5.1 from Amazon Prime via SPDIF connections across a number of platforms. My first generation Amazon Fire TV did deliver DD 5.1 when I first installed it but I experienced problems (via Toslink) with very loud
Meridian - Systems
My thanks for the responses (both here and by PM). It is clearly not viable to use the 500 series units PSUs so will I just go ahead and replace the G68 and 861 units with standard SMPS. Thanks again for your help.
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