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Most modern laptops lack a serial port and so in order to upgrade Meridian firmware or config files, a USB/serial adapter must be used (plus a null modem cable).

The Keyspan USA-19HS Hi-Speed USB Serial Adapter by Tripp Lite is recommended, for example :

Keyspan USA-19HS

coupled with Tripp Lite 6ft Null Modem Gold Cable DB9F/F :

Tripp Lite Null Modem cable

As a bonus for HT owners, the same cable combination can be used for Lumagen video processor updates.

The Keyspan hardware has drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7 and so is supported by the platforms that the Meridian Config program currently supports. There is also Mac support for the adapter as well.

The Startech USB to RS232 adapter ICUSB232 also works coupled with a null modem cable, the required drivers are available from www.startech.com.