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Older models of the Control Ten and Control Fifteen, and desktop models of the Source One, Source Five, Ensemble, Store One. Store Two and Twinstore use an external power supply unit.

The PSU model is a modified FSP150-AHA 12V 12.5A 150W. The modification requires pins 2 & 4 to be positive. The standard PSU model has pins 1 & 2 positive.

I've been advised that it would be significantly cheaper to buy a standard FSP150-AHA and have the DIN rewired correctly than to try and source a Sooloos one from FSP. Another alternative is to have the Sooloos component rewired so that it can use the standard FSP150-AHA PSU. Please note that this process can be easy for some Sooloos components but not for others. The [Source:Five], for example; has the power connector mounted directly onto a double-sided PCB which makes resoldering the polarity of the power connection very difficult. The [Source:One] however has a simpler power connection lay out (bottom left of photo).

AltusLiceor reports that it is a simple process with an existing (but broken) Sooloos PSU to open it up, swap into the old casing the innards of a new standard FSP150-AHA and resolder the lead with the DIN connector from the broken PSU to the new supply. This has the benefits of keeping the old casing with the label showing the polarities etc, and requires a simple soldering exercise in just two points.

Rackmount models of these units use a standard IEC C13 "kettle lead".