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Welcome to the Meridian Unplugged Wiki

Why a new Wiki?

I decided to put together a new Wiki based on the industry standard MediaWiki (used by Wikipedia). So anyone that has used it and lets face it who hasn't will be able to use and contribute to this one.

Not what you were expecting?

If you followed a link and was expecting an article rather than the main page - sorry the page format has changed and I'm still working through the old forum posts and fixing them. Please just search for the article you were expecting on the left.

How to edit/create an article?

To edit or create a page you will need to login (top right). Please use your Forum Username and Password. (Don't have an account - please sign up here MeridianUnplugged - Registration)

  • More information and help with creating and editing pages can be found at in the users section.
  • A useful cheat sheet from the main wikipedia site.

Getting started

Here are a few links for people that would like to just browse around, but I would however suggest using the search feature to the left.