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HDMI presents a set of problems for the Meridian owner that can now be overcome.


All solutions are compatible with the following processors (see [Processor 101 | http://www.meridianunplugged.com/wiki/index.php?pagename=Processor%20101] for more details)

  • All G68's
  • All G61's
  • 861V4 or later
  • 568.2mm

Not compatible with the following.

  • 561/565/568/568.2(non mm)
  • G95
  • G91/G92 (have an MHR Smart Link output only)

Meridian's HD621 HDMI solution

Shawn Fogg/Gary Murrell(Custom-HT) modified player

Installation no longer available from Shawn but some may be available from Gary (As of July 8, 2009 Gary seems to have gone off line due to family issues?)

Shawn Fogg Modified Cypress CLUX11SA or Octava

Installation no longer available from Shawn

  • Can be used on any player that can output 6 or 8 channel LPCM over HDMI.
  • Choose a player that decodes (or will decode) everything.
  • Will not act as an HDMI sink the output (HDMI) must connected to some thing that sinks (i.e. a Video Display).
  • Allows for HDMI switcher in front of Clux thereby adding the mod to all sources connected
    • Octava is a Switch with 2 HDMI Outputs
    • Octava can potentially also be wired for SPDIF Pass Through.
  • Approx $525 8 Channels or $485 6 Channels + player (Octava is more)
  • Can support 6 or 8 Channels (but Meridian processors only support 6 currently).
  • PS3 compatible.
  • Works with Meridian FIFO on.
  • Discussion http://www.meridianunplugged.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=81328&fpart=1

Modified DVDO Edge Video Processor/Switcher

from Gary Murrell (Custom-HT) (http://www.custom-ht.com/edgepowerbuy.html)

  • Approximatey $1200.00 (limited time power buy)
  • Includes Genfen Detective to avoid all EDID issues and allows playing with no display
    • Set the DVI Detective dip switches so that it reports an EDID with 8ch PCM
  • 2 HDMI outputs.
  • DVDO Video processing

Officially supported Octava HDSA71 HDMI Switcher

(seems like a dead deal as of July 8, 2009)

Setup of analog player thats been modded

  • Set all speakers large
  • Set all levels to 0 offset (or Max) Check with Shawn on specific player.
  • Set that you have a sub (even if you don't have one).
  • Set all distances the same.
  • Set as 5.1 (not 7.1).

Setup of a player (PS3) for a 5.1 channel system with a HD621 or a Clux11SA

  • Go to Settings
    • Go to Sounds Settings
    • Go to Audio Output Settings
    • Choose HDMI
    • Choose Manual
    • Only Check
      • Linear PCM 2 Ch. 44.1
      • Linear PCM 2 Ch. 88.2
      • Linear PCM 2 Ch. 48
      • Linear PCM 2 Ch. 96
      • Linear PCM 5.1 Ch. 44.1
      • Linear PCM 5.1 Ch. 88.2
      • Linear PCM 5.1 Ch. 48
      • Linear PCM 5.1 Ch. 96
  • Go to Settings
    • Go to Video Settings
    • Go to BD/DVD Audio Output Format
    • Choose Linear PCM

Setup Meridian Preamp with HD621

  • Connect up the HD621 as appropriate for your pre-amp
    • 861v6 or higher.
      • Connect a single shielded RJ45 cable between the MMHR sockets on the HD621 and the 861v6 for 7.1 channel high res audio.
    • 861v4
      • Connect 3 digital coax cables from the HD621 to the pre-amp's MD1 or MD2 sockets for 5.1 channel high res audio
      • 1/2 -> D1 (MD1) or D4 (MD2) This is the front left and right channels
      • 3/4 -> D2 (MD1) or D5 (MD2) This is the centre and LFE channels
      • 5/6 -> D3 (MD1) or D6 (MD2) This is the rear surround left and right channels
    • G68 and G61
      • Connect 3 digital coax cables from the HD621 to the pre-amp's MD1 or MD2 sockets for 5.1 channel high res audio
      • 1/2 -> D1 (MD1) or D2 (MD2) This is the front left and right channels
      • 3/4 -> D3 (MD1) or D4 (MD2) This is the centre and LFE channels
      • 5/6 -> D5 (MD1) or D6 (MD2) This is the rear surround left and right channels
  • Add HD621
    • Select From M - Multichannel Digital Coax output
    • Select To (for example) MD1 - Multichannel Digital Coax of the G68/861
    • Click Connect
    • Click Finish
  • Add for example a Bluray Player (under Other... Sources)
    • Select From H - HDMI
    • Select To H1 - HDMI
    • Click Connect
    • Click Finish
  • Right Click on G68/861 and choose Properties
    • Goto Sources Tab
    • For All Sources make sure None have "Main Audio Input" set to "Last Valid" (Example for Multichannel Sources is MD1 and for 2 channel sources D1).
    • Click On the Source (for example BD)
      • Change Main Audio input from "Last Valid" to "MD1".
      • For any two Channel Sources (including a Phantom sources) you can choose D1 instead of MD1 and then you will get 2 channel Presets like Trifield.
      • Hit Close
  • Right Click on HD621 and choose Properties
    • Goto Sources Tab
    • For All Sources make sure None have Input set to "Last Valid" but are using H1, H2, ..., or H6.
      • Click on the Source (for example BD)
      • Change Input from "Last Valid" to "H1".
      • Hit Close
  • Now you must download the configuration TWICE. Once while serial cable is connect to HD621 and once while connected to G68/861
    • Connect Serial to HD621
    • Right Click on HD621 and choose Store...
    • Connect Serial to G68
    • Right Click on G68 and choose Store...
  • Same basic rules apply to 568.2mm but you must use two Config Programs. Not sure is "Last Valid" exists on 568.2mm

Setup of Meridian preamp for 6 Channel S/PDIF

  • When using the 861v4 separated decoder+preset model (861v4, G6x, 568.2 with v2.5 firmware)
    • You should use the "Cinema" preset with movie material.
    • You should probably use "Cinema" with DD/DTS music material (TBC)
    • You should use "Discrete" with lossless music (unless the disc clearly sounds bass-light).
  • The Meridian 6 channel SPDIF inputs are treated as "Music6" and will therefore *apply the Music speaker layout*. The default "Music6" preset will be applied when the source is selected. This will be the "Discrete" preset unless changed in MConfig (so you should change it to Cinema or you'll lose 10db of LFE on Movies).
  • Adding the Source with MConfig (Current Release for G68/861)
    • Add a Generic DVD Player (this will be your modified BD Player).
    • Choose OK (don't worry that it does not have the right connections)
    • Choose No (Advanced)
    • Choose Next (e.g. Leave it as Connect to G68ADV)
    • Choose New button next to the From:
    • Change Type to Multichannel Digital
    • Change the From Dropdown Box to Multichannel Digital
    • Optionally change the To dropdown to MD1, MD2 etc.
    • Choose Connect Button
    • Choose Finish
  • Adding the Source with MConfig (Legacy for 568.2mm)
    • Click on Setup Icon
    • Enable "Meridian DVD present"
    • Enable "Module Installed"
    • Click on Source Icon
    • Click on DVD
    • At the bottom the Audio Input should say Multichannel.
    • At the top make sure the box marked Source Exists is ticked
  • Optionally add a Phantom for Two Channel Listening (e.g. SACD 2 Channel in Trifield)
    • Right Click on new Multichannel DVD player you just added above
    • Choose Create Phantom
    • Choose the Assign Phantom to (e.g. CD)
    • Choose OK
    • Right Click on G68
    • Choose Properties
    • Choose Sources Tab
    • Select the Phantom device you assigned to above
    • Change the "Main Audio Input" to First Coax of the Multichannel input (e.g. Change from MD1 to D1).
  • To use Hit DVD on Remote for Blu-Ray and it will Default to Music6 and Hit CD on Remote for 2 Channel CD/SACD and it will Default to Music2.

Misc Notes

  • See Shawn Fogg's web site for details http://switch-box.com
  • Meridian systems are currently limited to 6 channel input via SPDIF. Only the 861v6 can accept 8 channel input via Meridian's proprietary MMHR connection from the HD621.
  • With Shawn's mods when watching a disc that does not have lossless audio the player will be decoding DD or DTS instead of Meridian which may be a poorer implementation. You can still use S/PDIF out of the player for these movies but in most players this requires shutting off audio going to analog output or HDMI.
  • When install is completed it is highly recommended you test with a calibration Disc such as the one from Stacey Spears (http://www.spearsandmunsil.com/) to verify LEF levels and that you fully understand what's going on with LFE.