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Information on Freight companies in the UK and Europe

For anyone in the UK, are agents for a number of couriers. After the first order, if you register, there is a further 5% discount.

I used them to send my 201 and 204 to Greece via DHL. It was useful for getting prices and, when the kit went on the grand tour of Europe, have an intermediate to go tracking the whereabouts of the kit.

I don't know how expensive they are, but the prices seem quite reasonable and it is useful when booking to have all pricing options and available pickup time slots available in one place for a number of different carriers.

The only issue that I have is the 2% insurance rate that can bump up the price of more expensive kit, but I don't know how this compares to the couriers own rate or whether it is of any benefit for some services where it is carefully tracked and packed well.

Also, make sure that you measure and weigh your items accurately as there is the chance of a later surcharge if it is found to be oversized or weight and before you send, check out list of prohibited goods.