Equipment Power Ratings

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The following is a list of measured power ratings for individual and grouped pieces of equipment.

These may differ from voltage to voltage. Watts are measured and peak value/range manually assessed.

Item Standby Idle Active Voltage Measured By
Speakers (single)
M33 5W >30W 240V Ian
D1500 5W 30W 240V Ian
DSP33 7W (LED dim) 10W (LED bright) 240V Ian
DSP33 9W 9-20W 120V GeorgeMills
DSP5000 12W 16W 240V Ian
DSP5000 10W 11-40W 120V GeorgeMills
DSP5200L 20W 25-35W 120V Stuart
DSP5500 10W 12-45W 120V GeorgeMills
DSP5500HC 18W 25W 120V Stuart
DSP6000 11W 15-50W 120V GeorgeMills
DSP8000 20W 60-100W 120V Arcade
CD / DVD Players
G98DH 20W 240V Ian
G68ADV 29W 240V Ian
G68ADV 30W 35W 110v Stuart
861V4 29W 32W 120V Arcade (cards unknown)
861V6 23W 24W 120V mjt5282
HD621 4W 6W 120V mjt5282
555 11W 240V HenrikWiki
556 13W 240V HenrikWiki
557 40W 240V HenrikWiki
3rd Party Equipment
Squeezebox (V1) 4W 240V Ian
Transporter 13W 13W 110v Stuart
PS3 (Fat) 1W 107W 110v Stuart
DVDO VP50pro 29W 35W 110v Stuart
2xM33 + 1xD1500 20W >55W 240V Ian
G68ADV + G98DH + 3xDSP33 + Squeezebox 83W >140W 240V Ian
2xDSP5000 24W 32W 240V Ian