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Using the 568.2MM's multi-channel digital input with the HD621 or non-Meridian equipment.

The VGA-style MM input was designed for use with the Meridian 598(D). It allows the transfer of six unencrypted channels (PCM) or encrypted channels (MHR with SmartLink) of digital audio from the 598 to the 568.2MM. However, the VGA connector is purely that: a connector. A standard VGA to 3x RCA component break-out cable can be used to feed a 3x coaxial S/PDIF output from Meridian DVD(A) players, the HD621, or non-Meridian equipment such as modified Blu-Ray players and audio receivers/processors modified to act as HDMI-to-PCM converters.

The break-out cable must be of the 3x RCA variety (i.e. red, green, and blue connections with sync on green). The cable to channel mapping is the following:

  • Red = Front L/R
  • Green = Centre/Sub
  • Blue = Rear L/R.

A typical break-out cable is the following: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Premium-Component-Cable-0-91M-Black/dp/B000P3NZ68

An "official" alternative is the $95 Meridian 513 conversion box. Although this is almost certainly no longer in production, at the time of writing (22-Jul-08) a couple of these boxes are available from Meridian in Atlanta. I would expect that there are some at Meridian HQ in the UK too.

Thread links:

The "Frame delay" setting does not work in 568 v2.5 firmware

From Des Ford:

We removed the option of setting a “frame-delay” from our processors some time ago. However, we did not update the Legacy program to accommodate the change. Hence, changing the setting provokes the errant behaviour and it appears as a bug. As the program is an installation tool, rather than an actual “product”, we will continue to live with the anomaly.