My question is does the HD621 pass CEC control. I have my HD621 connected to a 4th generation Apple TV and a Sony VPL-HW40ES projector. I tried a mono price 4k HDMI Splitter with EDID control and received a message from the Apple TV that my system configuration does not support control with it in the path. If the splitter is removed the option to control the projector is inactive. Anyone here with the HD621 and Apple TV connected get CEC control?

01: Apple TV4>HD621>568.2MM>(5)D5K(24/96)>(2) Rythmik E15HP
02: SB Touch>M2Tech hiface2>568.1>D5k(18/48)
03: ATV4>Marantz NR1504>Apogee Columns>P200z
04: MacMini>568.1>Carver M400t>HK SubSat
05: SB Duet>AA DST/DTI Pro32/DDEv3.0>Dayton APA-150>Solus DR-ir6
06:Transporter>AES/EBU>Venu 360>Sunfire CG> Carver ALS