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#69344 - 2008-01-31 08:08 Re: The Meridian Q&A Thread [Re: JerryL]
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Thread restructured to reduce the number of stickies. The Meridian FAQ sticky thread (a single post) is now merged into this thread at the top.
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#70008 - 2008-02-13 20:51 Re: The Meridian Q&A Thread [Re: VirusKiller]
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Q: How many PCM streams can the G68 USB 2.0 connection handle simultaneously?

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#71658 - 2008-03-18 13:39 Re: The Meridian Q&A Thread [Re: Crion]
Mikael Offline

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Received my G61R today cool

Have just completed the configuration and measurements. Curious about the USB audio I plugged in my Mac Pro (Leopard). Checked the sound preferences and the Mac now lists a Meridian 48k/16 on USB.

Q: It is great that it worked but I wonder if 48k/16 is the limit for the USB-audio input?
Q: How do I pass bitstreams like DD or DTS over USB?

Edited by Mikael (2008-03-18 14:11)

#77549 - 2008-08-12 02:07 Re: The Meridian Q&A / FAQ Thread [Re: Mikael]
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Q: Could Meridian comment on the G68 Optical Input firmware change and the general problem some folks have with Pops,Clicks,Slow Locks, and Hangs from reasonably quality sources (like a SlimDevices Transport with ripped CD's Legal). The problem is more commonly on Sat/Cab TV Boxes (e.g. SKY). But even with Poor Digital Source enabled problems persist. While other processors in the industry (e.g. Denon) DON'T have these issues with like sources.
- Fiddler (IMHO)

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#99432 - 2009-08-26 15:43 Re: The Meridian Q&A / FAQ Thread [Re: Fiddler]
Mr_Sukebe Offline

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Taking into account the strength of Meridian's processor range, why bother with a source that has any analogue elements at all? Strikes me that if Meridian made a BD with a full analogue compliment, that they'd feel obliged to do a pretty serious job, which is going to do nothing but end up with some serious costs associated.
My personal preference would be a digital transport with both HDMI and MHR connectivity on the back.
If they were going to do that, then what about a PS3 slimline with some Meridian fairy dust sprinkled on it?
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#107691 - 2010-01-10 11:44 Re: The Meridian Q&A / FAQ Thread [Re: Mr_Sukebe]
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I think any BD player from M would have difficulty justifying its price differential from the rest of the market.

They stopped doing digital transports a long time ago. The 808 in its various iterations is stuffed with dacs and analogue balanced outputs etc, presumably so as to feature innon-M systems.

#121856 - 2010-07-30 15:28 Re: Questions for Meridian (sticky) [Re: GoodOldDog]
Alexander Offline

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Hi, my current system is the 602/606 & 501/555 combos with Wilson Benesch Arcs. I am tempted by the Sooloos system with the 5200's Can anyone confirm the improvement in quality will be worth the outlay. Any advice much appreciated. i also use Stax Lamda pro electronic earspeakers via didgital inputs to its own amp. Should I wait for the 600 piece of equipment about to come out or will any DAC be ok. Thanks
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#137588 - 2011-03-05 14:36 Re: Questions for Meridian (sticky) [Re: GoodOldDog]
DrOne Offline
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Originally Posted By: GoodOldDog
Yes, there are a few DVD-A's with (stereo) 192/24 tracks. Eagles' "Hotel California" , Alan Parson's Project "Eye In The Sky", "The Turn Of A Friendly Card" and "I Robot" and Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty" come to mind.

I think, though, the 192/24 recordings are a minority, I believe 96/24 is far more widely used for digital recording.

Given the scarcity of 192/24 material, it looks like Meridian's decision to fully support 96/24 and allow for 192/24 support later if needed makes a lot of sense.

I can understand Meridian's view point, but if the upgrade is a simple software/firmware upgrade, then it might help convince the record labels to step it up a notch. Most of the ad/da converter companies that market to the recording studios have been selling more of the converters ov the past couple of years and someone needs to get labels to be more responsive in putting out more 24/192 recordings.

I guess the consumers are always in the position of having to buy and rebuy their favorite classics in multiple formats until it reaches the maximum resolution that is noticeable.

I know that some studios won't do basic tracks at 24/192 due to the file size limitations of the DAW software and WAVE files.

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#193042 - 2013-07-10 15:29 Re: Questions for Meridian (sticky) [Re: DrOne]
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I'm locking this thread as Meridian Q&A sessions seem to be, for the moment at least, a thing of the past. The thread will remain sticky as there is a lot of information in the links in the first post.

Please use the appropriate forum to ask any question that you cannot resolve using the Forum Search and Google Search functions.
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