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#49896 - 2006-01-07 17:10 HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
Frank Offline
Great Green Arkleseizure

Registered: 2000-05-30
Posts: 2641
Loc: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
This is a sofa's-eye-view of my listening room/home theatre
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Multi-channel: Meridian G68ADV, HD621, DSP5500s, DSP5000C

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#49898 - 2006-01-07 18:08 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
TommyPeters Offline
Pan-dimensional being

Registered: 2005-03-29
Posts: 1068
Loc: Stockholm, Sweden
It doesn't look exactly like this now, and the carpet was moved away when the photo was taken, the DSP33's at the back are (of course) not visible - but it's true enough to show:

G68.ADV G98.DH DSP.52OOC DSP.33 (surrounds)
Bc Acoustiqe ACT A3 fronts, driven by
NuForce Reference 9 monoblocks. HD621. Two SB3's.
Velodyne DD-15 & DD-12 Subwoofers and a Meridian sub.

#49899 - 2006-01-08 08:57 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
Duke Offline

Registered: 2005-06-08
Posts: 149
Loc: 9642 Ebnat-Kappel, SG, Switzer...
My music- and creativity-room with all the M-stuff.
The Dog is called Duke.
He preferred "his masters voice" in Trifield - Ambisonic makes him confused.
The two cats love the 5500HC - to sleep, particularly with the silk carpet on top.
The House is a 200 Years old Farmhouse in the swiss alps. Far away from any neighbour, so i can hear music as loud i like, the hole night.
Main: 861v4+ID40, 818v3, HD621, MD600 2x3TB, DSP8000SE, DSP5500HC, DSP6000, DSP6000, Oppo 203 4K, MacMini-Roon LT, Linn LP12, Sony VPL-VW500-4K, PS3, Samsung 65-4KSU-UE9580, HD-Sat. iPad Pro
2.system: G92DAB, DSP3100, DSP33, M1500, MacMini+Explorer2, QNAP TS251+, MS200-Roon

#49901 - 2006-01-14 01:49 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
MrDoody Offline
Pan-dimensional being

Registered: 2002-02-04
Posts: 1222
Loc: MA, USA
here're two snaps of my setup from AVS.

this one is of the cabinetry that my rack and media live inside of:

and this one shows the front end:

no dogs, sorry smile


The universally-derided DSP 6000 Standing Desk

Land Rover Evoque 825W Meridian system
Gathering dust: 598 w/SDI & 562V

#49902 - 2006-01-15 18:22 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
Simon Mirren Offline
Paranoid android

Registered: 2005-09-02
Posts: 442
Loc: Mons, Belgium
Hello all,

Ok here's my new kit... review in progress.

Thanks again for pointing out how to get these up without links GoodOldDog.

C15, MS600, G61R, HD621, DSP3100Vx4, DSP33x2, SW1600, Samsung UN65JS9500 4K LED TV, Sony X800 UHD Player, Wireworld Star*light video cabling, Isotek Vision, Isotek Elite/Prem mains cabling, Soundstyle XS105 rack

#49903 - 2006-01-16 09:51 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
GoodOldDog Offline
Paranoid android

Registered: 2004-05-15
Posts: 540
Loc: Romania
One way to do it is:

have access to one of the many servers that allow hotlinking - there are plenty around. Say "servername" is the mane of the server.
You must then upload your picture to a known location - e.g. "pathname" on that server (as in "/photos/mygallery/"). You can also make a smaller picture using photoediting software - to use as an icon. Let's say "picname" is the name of the photo (as in "picture.jpg") and iconname the name of the icon (as in "icon.jpg").

You can then use the following code:

To hotlink an image :

PLEASE IGNORE THE # CHARACTER WHERE IT APPEARS AND DO NOT WRITE IT - it's there just to let people see the code, otherwise the code would be interpreted and you'll end up seeing the small red cross smile !!!

To display an icon that will link to the full scale image (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) :

[#URL=http://servername/pathname/picturename] [#IMG]http://servername/pathname/icon.jpg[#/IMG][#/URL]

PLEASE IGNORE THE # CHARACTER WHERE IT APPEARS AND DO NOT WRITE IT - it's there just to let people see hte code, otherwise the code would be interpreted and you'll end up seeing the small red cross smile !!!

Hope this helps.
M kit : G08 502 557 507 2xDSP5k

#49904 - 2006-01-16 10:10 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
GoodOldDog Offline
Paranoid android

Registered: 2004-05-15
Posts: 540
Loc: Romania
Detailed example:

Say we have an image at:
And the representative icon would be:

The key fact here is that the service allows hotlinking - that is direct display of an image in a remote context.

the code to display an icon linking to the image would then be:


Of course the #'s are there just for visibility of the code. I will now rewrite the above stuff with all #'s ommited:

There it is.

some image server will provide database access to the pictures - usually they will also show the picture codes to use in order to embed or hotlink.
M kit : G08 502 557 507 2xDSP5k

#49905 - 2006-01-16 21:29 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
GoodOldDog Offline
Paranoid android

Registered: 2004-05-15
Posts: 540
Loc: Romania
Regarding the AVS stuff, by right clicking the desired images and selecting "Properties" we can see the respective static full path. For the first link in Simon's post these are:
for the biggest image and
for the icon

also the displayed page url would be:

The above data make the following presentations possible:

1. [#img][#/img]
which rewritten without #'s show as:

Now this is big and with more pics it will get slower to load as it grows. So it's perhaps better to use icon links like in:

which rewritten without the #'s shows:

Or you can link directly to the AVS page using the icon link as in:


removing all the above #'s that'll look like this and link to the desired page:

which is perhaps the best way to do it.

All those knowledgeable about these matters will probaly excuse me for taking up some space, I do hope this will help and encourage most to show here their rigs smile .
M kit : G08 502 557 507 2xDSP5k

#49906 - 2006-01-17 04:08 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
RLiddell Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 2003-01-29
Posts: 55
Loc: Valrico, Florida, USA
I am going to try to post some pictures of my set up. The room is a dedicated theater room built back in 1997 as a stand alone addition to the main house. It has housed Meridian components since 2001.

AVS Gallery

AVS Gallery

G68ADV, DSP5500's, DSP5500HC, DSP5000's, Sony Ruby, DVDO, VP-30

#49907 - 2006-01-17 18:27 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
VinceHoffman Offline
Paranoid android

Registered: 2005-01-17
Posts: 756
Loc: Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Hey Lads,

Here is the AVSForum picture gallery of our dedicated music and theater room. Eventually I'll get around to posting pics of the living area setup too.

Happy Trails!
Man Cave: 861v4.25, HD621, 598DP, PS Audio PWT, Oppo BDP83, Toshiba HD-XA2, Oracle Delphi V/SME V/Benz Ref, Audiomat Phono1, DSP6k, DSP6kC, DSP5k, 4x Seaton Submersive HP Subwoofers, Xilica DCP3060 sub EQ, Xbox 360, PS3, JVC RS-2, Schneider anamorphic lens & sled, & 105" S-SE EN4k motorized 2.37:1 AT screen.

Loft: Lots of older M gear & actives.

#49908 - 2006-01-18 11:45 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
PerS1 Offline
(MDS Norway AS)
Paranoid android

Registered: 2002-11-08
Posts: 426
Loc: Asker, Akershus, Norway

Here`s the link to my setup

40th.Anv.DSP8000SE &861v8/ID41,Meridian Ultra Dac,C15 Black w/SSD,QNAP TS-669Pro 6X3 Tb w/Core,HD621,Oppo UDP-203 ,JVC DLA-X700R, 2xJL Audio F112v2, Marantz 8802A for Atmos with KEF Reference 5 and 4C withR700 sides & rears and 4xKEF R50 Atmos

#49909 - 2006-01-28 02:59 Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos
John Kotches Offline
Great Green Arkleseizure

Registered: 2002-05-09
Posts: 2717
Loc: Troy (STL Area), Illinois , US...
Keep in mind my room is more of a laboratory than a show palace, so it isn't as lovely as some of the other rooms wink

This is the front of the room with the Fontaine IIs in place, screen up:

The same shot, with the Screen Research screen lowered. Below about 1kHz, the screen is practically non-existent to the driver. I'm willing to make the slight trade with the bottom of the screen not being below both drivers for having the screen at the proper viewing height.

The DSP5200s, with the screen down. I've covered the display of the center DSP5200 (it isn't the master loudpspeaker) with gaffer's tape so that it doesn't shine back through the acoustically transparent screen.

And with the screen down once more. I never did put the driver covers back on the Front and Surround L/Rs after tightening the drivers down wink

Here's an equipment rack shot (it's in the back of the room) from about a year ago.

Surround Music Fan/Computer Geek/Curmudgeon in training.
861v4, HD621, Panasonic BD-P55K, Toshiba HD-A35, Oppo HD990, Dish Network 622, Pioneer DV-668AV-S w/ DVD Upgrades mod, EW Fontaine II (x5), Velodyne DD-15 (x2), Seymour AV Ice blocks (x7)

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