Hi guys,

$250 USD + postage and paypal fees. It was bought 2nd hand from another Hitchhiker several years ago, just in case I decided to go back to analog speakers one day. It has languished unused in my spare gear cupboard ever since.

Having just acquired a 2nd OA13 makes this OA12 forever surplus to my needs. Hey if you run DSP loudspeakers requiring an analog output for a sub only, this card would give up nothing to its 24/192 OA13 successor.

Man Cave- Surround: 861v4.25, HD621, 598DP & Oppo BDP103
Stereo: DEQX Premate, PS Audio PWT, Oracle Delphi V/SME V/Benz Ref & Audiomat Phono1
5x or 2x ATC SCM20ASL Pro mk2 actives, 4x Seaton Submersive HP subs, Xilica DCP3060 sub EQ
JVC RS-2, Schneider anamorphic lens & sled, & 105" motorized 2.37:1 AT screen

Loft: Lots of older M gear & actives.