I have a Raspberry Pi Roon endpoint spare for sale.

Can either be with an IQ Audio Digi+ board or a Meridian Explorer 2.
Comes with the superb iFi PSU.


Pi-SD Card-iFi PSU-Explorer 2 = £140 (Retail £215)
I have been using this as my DAC/pre amp now for a year, it has seen off an Auralic, Meridian MS600 and allowed me to take my Croft Pre amp out of the chain completely. Stunning sounding front end for peanuts.
Sold my Quad power and S2 speakers recently so this is spare, still using the same in the main room.


Pi-SD Card-iFi PSU-IQ Audio Digi+ = £100 (Retail £145)

These are a nice endpoint as they also do Airplay.

No Darling, I've had it months!