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#263105 - 2017-04-16 10:26 Re: Sooloos 2.527 [Re: Longitude0]
Ian Offline
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Watch out for the TP-Link switch. I've not found any confirmed specs, but another HH-er had a TP-Link switch that didn't handle multicast (needed for Sooloos discovery) in a typical home network. I checked the specs and it indeed handled multicast differently to what the user needed - it was not across the TP-Link range and cannot remember what model it was, but it was certainly one to be avoided.

Also regarding TP-Link powerline switches - I have a pair (AV200 but not sure on model) in my mainly Devolo setup and the TP-Link, even when used on their own, give me so much regular grief that I use them only for emergencies.One at a time seem ok, but both plugged in requires a reboot more times than I can be bothered to do. So unplug both of them and see how it goes.

Devolo on the otherhand appear rock solid and, tempting fate, probably less than handful of times in probably 7+ Years that I have owned them. I don't much care for Devolo software (constant very verbose logging) or wifi access points - avoid both of those, especially wifi which does not play nice with Sooloos.
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#263163 - 2017-04-17 14:13 Re: Sooloos 2.527 [Re: Ian]
JeremyB Offline

Registered: 2017-01-21
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Loc: Hampshire, UK
Hoping everyone is enjoying the Easter Holiday. Thanks for the suggestions regarding my TP-Link wi-fi extender and switch. I've tried removing these individually and both at the same time from my router setup, but to no avail. I'm not totally surprised, because it does seem to be too much of a coincidence that my problems started immediately after downloading the Sooloos update, before which everything was functioning satisfactorily.

I'm not sure where to go from here. At the moment, provided I remember to re-boot my router after firing up the computer, everything is OK. If I shut down the computer or put it on standby I then need to re-boot the router to be able to access Control:PC. I shall probably try calling Meridian, but I'm not overly confident that they will be able to help.

A couple of points. When I look at my router network map I see my MD600 but not my MS600, whereas on the Fink network scanner the MS600 is shown. Should I be expecting to see the MS600 on my router network? It is obviously working because I'm able to use the system. Also, I'm wondering if the problem could be anything to do with the DHCP settings, although nothing has changed? I'm reluctant to start messing with this because I have no knowledge on the subject and somewhere in Meridian's on-line information it says:- "It is never a good idea to turn off DHCP for Meridian Sooloos components and manually assign static IP addresses unless you fully understand networking and IP Addressing."

In my router network map, when I look at the information for my MD600, the box is ticked next to 'Add device into Static DHCP'. As mentioned earlier in this email, I do not see the MS600 in the router network. Oh, the joy that a simple download can produce!

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#263194 - 2017-04-18 08:16 Re: Sooloos 2.527 [Re: JeremyB]
JeremyB Offline

Registered: 2017-01-21
Posts: 25
Loc: Hampshire, UK
Well, the gremlins lurking inside my computer have struck again, but this time in a positive way. For some reason completely unfathomable to me, when I started my computer this morning, everything is now working satisfactorily with the Sooloos system. I'd like to be able to say that something I did yesterday had sorted out the problem, but I can't possibly put my finger on what that might be.

Anyway, I'm hoping that things will run smoothly from now on, and once again many thanks to everyone who has offered help. Jeremy
Control:PC, MS600 & MD600, Audio Note M5 pre-amp, Conquest power amps, Magnum Dynalab MD108 tuner, Duevel Bella Luna speakers. Approx 2000 albums on Sooloos - wide range of genres.

#263549 - 2017-04-24 23:39 Re: Sooloos 2.527 [Re: JeremyB]
Carl Online   content

President of the Imperial Galactic Government

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Originally Posted By BengTi
There is an update to 2.529 - doubt it will be major but can't find release notes...
See this new Sooloos 2.529 topic.
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