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Meridian - Streaming
Jump to new posts Re: Sooloos Update 2.535 by Soundserge @ Today at 15:54

Originally Posted By IanAny deeper insight? 1. IIRC issues with Mac losing connection under some circumstances - was this cured by app nap though or still an issue for some? 2. Bit perfect playback? Guess it would also be on Windows if this much ant
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 861 version 4 prices going south by Fiddler @ Today at 14:25

Originally Posted By CalenWI have waited my entire Meridian life (four whole years) for a used 861 v4 to lower in price enough to justify purchase, only to find that I can no longer justify it at even its ridiculously low current price. I can't help
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: Black 808v1 by Chazman88 @ Today at 13:19

Will get some pictures later today. Thanks
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: G95 does it support ARC? by dpstjp @ Today at 12:31

They can easily use the standard S/PDIF out from their TV to the G95 digital inputs. May even sound better as audio over HDMI is not great. It won't get them volume control from their TV but an MSR+ can easily be programmed to allow them to dispens
HiFi & HT Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Still life in CD yet... by spinaltap @ Today at 11:40

Being dCS, does your company offer mortgages?
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: DSP5200HC by MacGuy @ Today at 11:25

Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: A bit of fun by Richard W @ Today at 09:05

The system I set up for my dad has the MC200 up in his study and a couple of MS200 down in the living room and dining room. The plan is to plug the MC200 into a set of Aego 2 speakers. These are Acoustic Energy branded desktop style speakers for a co
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: WTB: S5 cable by MrDoody @ Today at 01:39

Nothing more than the standard S5 cables they used to ship with the speakers. Technically, I could go with an S5 comms cable as short as 6 feet, I guess (I have long digital audio cables). You got some stuff sittin' around I can free you of? !?!?!?
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: 568.2MM + 3x DSP33 by Carl @ Yesterday at 22:56

This topic was running adrift, those posts have now been removed. It seems timely to remind members of the Restaurant Rules esp. The Restaurant is not a discussion forum, so only interested buyers or sellers should post. and Rule #2 Please be co
Meridian - Streaming Hardware with Roon Application
Jump to new posts Re: Turnkey Roon hardware announced. by Ratbert @ Yesterday at 20:44

Tom I like many are puzzled with where Meridian are going? I think they could adopt the Roon RAAT protocol, keep Sooloos as the default software available free but offer Roon as a purchasable upgrade to Sooloos for those that want it? The new Roon N
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Intermittent static from DSP5200HC by Jeje @ Yesterday at 20:42

FYI, there are right now a couple of DSP5200 SL back panels pairs for sale on eBay USA. Left over from SE updates. One of them misspelled Meridian as Merdian, just so you can find it. It'll much cheaper than that. I have nothing to do with those sel
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: HiFi and Home Theatre Photos by MacGuy @ Yesterday at 20:28

Yes they are
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: HD621 vs Explorer by Bobfett @ Yesterday at 12:49

Thanks for your help guys! Will let you know the results. Cheers, Bob
MQA - Related technology, products and music
Jump to new posts Re: MQA from 808v1? by Struttmaster @ Yesterday at 10:44

Thanks for that
Hitchhikers - Meridian Equipment
Jump to new posts Re: FS: G95 (black) by VirusKiller @ Yesterday at 08:55

Meridian - Streaming
Meridian - Systems
Used an old digital lead with adapters, comms work fine now I have 2 DIN comms sockets assuming the HD621 version works. I will test zone control this weekend. Thanks for comments Kevin
Meridian - Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 5200HCSE Loose Display by Sam Edwards @ 2017-05-22 18:50

Same problem with 5200HC.
MQA - Related technology, products and music
Jump to new posts Re: MQA question by ncpl @ 2017-05-22 18:36

Hi Bob, thanks for the input. Much appreciated. One that I noticed today that puzzles me is Aretha Franklin's Live at Fillmore West. If I am not mistaken this has been available as MQA 192k and now MQA 96k. What would be the story behind this ?
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